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Zoe… ”Una Pasión Fatal”

Zoe Galerie Dimiourgon Poster ΜΕΤΑΦΕΡΕΤΑΙ

Zoe..."Una Pasión Fatal"

Galerie of Art Creators
Saturday, December 20, 9:00 p.m.


This Saturday, December 20th, at "Gallerie of Art Creators", Zoe Tiganouria presents us a distillate of the experiences from her personal career as a soloist accordion and as composer, in a performance for people with good taste and quality.

The music of Argentina, Latin America, Europe, Greece and the Balkans through Zoe's prism have common borders ...

Ástor Piazzolla, Richard Galliano, Carlos Gardel, Goran Bregović, Mariano Mores, Gerardo Matos Rodriguez, Vassilis Tsitsanis, Manolis Chiotis are the traveling companions, along with passionate accordion and multifaceted compositions.

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Christmas Eve & New Year's Eve 2014

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Zoe @ Mush Room Restaurant - Bar
Christmas Eve & New Year's Eve
December 24th & 31st

Zoe Tiganouria in a performance with a festive mood. Continuing her long career as an accordion soloist and composer, she knows very well how to satisfy even the most demanding listeners.

Many different kinds of music, personal orchestral compositions, songs that have been interpreted by the leading Greek and foreign artists, great composers interpretations, aromas from the Traditional music of Greece & the Balkans, in an exuberant audio-visual "meal"...

Combined with the warmly decorated "MushRoom Restaurant", the unique cuisine with over 20 species of mushrooms and more than 50 wine labels, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, become a unique entertainment and taste experience.!

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JazzPoint A3 26122014 Final WEB

"Jazzin' Christmas with Zoe"


December 26, 10:30 pm

The renowned accordion soloist and composer Zoe Tiganouria, with her amazing band "Zoe's Quintet" and the soulful singer Politimi Giota, will hold us with a Christmas mood in a warm "music hug" on December 26 in "JAZZPOINT".

With a world-wide repertoire from famous composers (Ástor Piazzolla, Richard Galliano, Carlos Gardel, Goran Bregović, Mariano Mores, Gerardo Matos Rodriguez, Claus Tsitsani, Manolis Chiotis, etc.) to her own personal compositions, and fromTraditional music of Greece & the Balkans until Christmas Jazz Standards, Zoe Tiganouria knows how to satisfy even the most demanding audience.

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Zoe's Golf Night

zoe golf L

"Zoe's Golf Night "

T-Square Restaurant Bar
Glyfada Golf Gardens
Thursday, 13 November, 9:00 p.m.

The T-Square Restaurant Bar, on Thursday, November 13 at 21:00, welcomes the accordion soloist and composer Zoe Tiganouria, in a special musical performance entitled "Zoe's Golf Night".

With her accordion, Zoe conducts a multicultural musical show, combining her personal compositions, melodies from famous international composers such as Ástor Piazzola, Ennio Morricone, Goran Bregovic, and Greek virtuosos such as Manolis Chiotis and Vassilis Tsitsanis, she takes us to a musical journey from Latin America to Europe, and from Balkans to Greece .

Guest of the evening is the Mezzo Soprano Helen Voudouraki, accompanied by the Zoe's Quintet and the Dance School "Choroaktis" Kostaki-Mavroidi.

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The Magic of Tango

The Magic of Tango

"The Magic of Tango"
Zoe Tiganouria & Spyros Moschopoulos
Thessaloniki Megaron Concert Hall
November 26, 21:00


The talented composer and accordion soloist Zoe Tiganouria, following the release of her two books/CD entitled "Zoe's Music No.1" and "Zoe's Music No.2" with music sheet for accordion and piano, but also her rich discography (7 personal CDs and hundreds of compositions and arrangements in the music market in Greece and abroad), invites us to a very special evening.

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Zoe's "Inner Sound"

ZoeTiganouria Halfnote 2014 09

Zoe Tiganouria presents ..: "Inner Sound"
Half Note Athens Jazz Club
Tuesday, 21 October, 9:30 pm


Zoe Tiganouria presents the distillate of her career's experience as an accordion soloist, composer and arranger, in a performance for people with aspect and quality.
Her characteristic sound that combines Traditional and folk sounds with Tango and Latin styles, has become recognizable abroad, but also in the domestic music scene.
Many young accordionists follow her steps, not only by studying her sound, but also her stage presence, since she is the first accordion soloist in Greece, who pushed aside the seat, "took on her shoulders" the entire orchestra, and led musicians, dancers and listeners in dreamily musical paths...

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