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Zoe's "Inner Sound"

ZoeTiganouria Halfnote 2014 09

Zoe Tiganouria presents ..: "Inner Sound"
Half Note Athens Jazz Club
Tuesday, 21 October, 9:30 pm


Zoe Tiganouria presents the distillate of her career's experience as an accordion soloist, composer and arranger, in a performance for people with aspect and quality.
Her characteristic sound that combines Traditional and folk sounds with Tango and Latin styles, has become recognizable abroad, but also in the domestic music scene.
Many young accordionists follow her steps, not only by studying her sound, but also her stage presence, since she is the first accordion soloist in Greece, who pushed aside the seat, "took on her shoulders" the entire orchestra, and led musicians, dancers and listeners in dreamily musical paths...

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The Magic of Tango

The Magic of Tango

"The Magic of Tango"
Zoe Tiganouria & Spyros Moschopoulos
Thessaloniki Megaron Concert Hall
November 26, 21:00


The talented composer and accordion soloist Zoe Tiganouria, following the release of her two books/CD entitled "Zoe's Music No.1" and "Zoe's Music No.2" with music sheet for accordion and piano, but also her rich discography (7 personal CDs and hundreds of compositions and arrangements in the music market in Greece and abroad), invites us to a very special evening.

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HalfNote 500x300

Zoe Tiganouria
Autumn -Winter 2013

Closing her summer tour, the known composer and accordionist Zoe Tiganouria was found again at the Half Note Athens Jazz Club, this time as a guest in the show of the composer and guitarist George Spanos. The performances of Zoe continued until the end of the year in selected venues, where fans enjoyed the successful summer show "Zoe... Without Frontiers".

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Zoe's Μusic No. 2

Zoes Music No.2

Zoe's Μusic No.2

"Traditional & Folk forms"

Book with Music Scores + CD

by Zoe Tiganouria


The Book/CD entitled "Zoe's Music No.2 - Traditional and Folk forms", published by Cambia Editions, includes music scores for accordion and piano of Zoe Tiganouria's personal compositions, selected from her personal discography.

Accompanied by a CD with recordings made specifically for this purpose, it easily addresses to musicians (for transcription), and also to ordinary listeners, as it contains original compositions of Zoe, specifically orchestrated by her, for accordion and piano.

Click  here to purchase it !

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HalfNote 500x300

Zoe Tiganouria

Opening her summer tour with a successful performance at the Half Note Athens Jazz Club, the known composer and accordionist Zoe Tiganouria with the "Zoe's Quintet" and its partners, continues preparing for his performances in Athens and the surrounding Greece ..!


Badminton Theater: "Tango Greco"

Badminton Tango GrecoZoe Tiganouria guest in "Tango Greco" show
Badminton Theater - 18th of February 2013

The show "Tango Greco" at Badminton Theater, refers to the beautiful Greek Tangos from 1914 until today. Many known Greek artists participate such us Glykeria, Christos Thiveos, Helen Voudouraki, Yiannis Christopoulos, and others..

Zoe Tiganouria will appear as guest, participating with one of her own compositions, but also as a soloist.
That is the song "Two red-red lips" with lyrics by Haris Romas, also known as the theme song of the ANT1 TV series "Delligianneio Parthenagogeio", in which Zoe Tiganouria has composed, orchestrated and conducted the music of the soundtrack.

As soloist she will perform under the direction of maestro Apollon Kouskoumvekakis with the Athens Chamber Orchestra.

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